U13G Intake Coach

Liam grew up in Birmingham, England, and played at a competitive level throughout his youth career. Liam has coached at all stages of youth development (U5-U18) and adult teams.  Liam most recently coached both the 2004 and 2006 BCSPL Girls teams at Coquitlam Metro Ford, while he also completed the new CSA Children’s license. He will now carry this forward with our 2009 girls into their next stage of development in the BCSPL. Read more about Liam here.


U13 (2009-born) BCSPL Intake Coaches Announced


Surrey United SC is very excited to formally announce Tom Lowndes as the U13B 2009-born BCSPL Intake coach

and Liam Carter as the U13G 2009-born BCSPL Intake coach for 2021. 


U13B Intake Coach

Tom is currently the Head Coach of the Men’s soccer program at the University of Fraser  Valley. Tom has coached at Surrey United for the past 6 years, while also playing on the men’s premier team. He currently coaches our graduating 2003 BCSPL boys and 2006  BCSPL Boys, and beforehand our 2001 BCSPL Girls.

During his time coaching at Surrey United he has led his teams to multiple Provincial Cup Finals and League cup final wins, he also led the 2001 Girls to the U17 Club Nationals. Read more about Tom here.                                                                       

BCSPL 2009 U13 Intake Evaluation and Selection FAQ

Please find below information on the overview and background to the league as well as valuable answers to frequently asked questions regarding evaluations and selections.

U13 (2009-Born) Intake Evaluation Schedule below and more information on evaluations will be available soon and will be located HERE. 


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BCSPL 2009 U13 Intake Information