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Summer Athletics Program

Summer 2022 Athletics Program


The Athletics program of SUSC is a track and running program designed to complement the kinetic style and overall skill-set of athletes of all sports. 

All training will be age and level appropriate and will consist of the following:


  • Acceleration / Deceleration 

  • Quickness

  • Power & weight transfer in sprinting

  • Correcting running form & style (proper biomechanics)


NOTE - this is not a conditioning program. There will be a higher focus on quality (style) than quantity (fatigue of athletes).


Attendance expectations

While we are here to help athletes improve, the coaching staff understands that children have many activities. There is, however, a strong correlation between attendance and athletic improvement. Participants will get more benefit from the program the more they can attend. This is an individual sport (and investment) so staff will leave the decision of commitment levels to registrants (families). The sessions will run rain or shine.


Strategic Partner - Thunderbirds Track & Field Club

Surrey United SC, through our multisport service provider, EMSP, has established a cooperative & strategic partnership with Thunderbirds Track Club, who train out of North Surrey Track. The track club has been influential in securing our location at North Surrey High School and also has kindly contributed to our Athletics program’s curriculum.

Image by Adi Goldstein
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