Team Placement & Evaluations 

Surrey United Soccer Club Overview & Philosophy for Player Evaluations, Team Placements

and New Players Joining the Club

Surrey United SC runs a player development system that includes a season-long evaluation process for player support and advancement. All players are primarily evaluated in their team environment and through additional development programs and academies. At older ages (U14+) the evaluation process is more directed towards player retention and establishing which players will be returning for another season of soccer. The club aims to place all players at the most appropriate playing level to maximize their development and enjoyment of the sport. 


New Players to SUSC

Our club is welcoming and supportive of any new players wanting to join our teams and/or programs. We provide an inclusive, diverse, and non-discriminatory environment in which players feel welcome and safe and we work to provide all players with the support necessary to participate in soccer for life at the highest level of competition available for their individual skill level. All new players that are interested in joining SUSC must submit the SUSC Interested Player Form. All submissions will be reviewed and players will be invited into the SUSC team environment for practices. Unfortunately, we are limited by field space at times and therefore we may not be able to accommodate all interested players at the same time. There will be multiple intake and evaluation opportunities at SUSC throughout the spring and summer programs. 


*FOR NEW PLAYERS TO SUSC ONLY* To register for an evaluation at SUSC - CLICK HERE 


NOTE - all currently registered SUSC players do NOT fill out the form as your information is already in the club’s player information database.