Return to Play FAQs
June 17, 2021


General Return to Play

Does Surrey United have a formal Return to Play Plan?

Yes, Click here to see the plan. Its last update was October 6, 2020.

Will there be gym practices in the fall/winter season for minis (U5-U8)?

We will be led by the school district with respect to gym practices and they have recently communicated that gym rentals will not be available until October 2021 at the earliest. We are working on alternative solutions for our youngest players which may include earlier practice times than traditionally scheduled.

Can spectators attend sessions?

Up to a maximum of 50 spectators are permitted under the current health order. Please be respectful and maintain a one-spectator-per-player ratio, space yourselves out around the field and maintain social distance (2m) from all other spectators. The City of Surrey Bylaw Officers are responsible for enforcing this and may ticket those not following the requirements of park visitors.

If we have registered for the fall/winter season and it is determined that there will be no games can we expect to receive a refund or reduction in fees?

Please see our Refund Policy.

What are other Clubs doing?

All other members of BC Soccer must adhere to the same ViaSport and BC Soccer Return to Play requirements if they decide to return to sport and depending on their city/municipality permitting requirements and allowances.

Are either of the clubhouses open for team meetings and gatherings?

The clubhouses remain closed to all groups unless written permission from the Club President or Senior Vice President is obtained.

Has CSA reviewed Surrey United’s Return to Play Plan?

Canada Soccer’s evaluation tool has rated the SUSC Return to Play plan as “low risk”.

How does the Club plan to keep members updated as we move forward?

The Club will be communicating frequently in the following ways:

  • Virtual Town Halls will be held; watch the website for further details
  • Communication will be provided through PowerUp and other means

Who or what is ViaSport?

At the request of the Premier Horgan and Lisa Beare, the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, viaSport has led the process of reopening amateur sport across B.C. Collaborating with the recreation sector and sport agencies, viaSport’s guidelines offer the next step in the phased approach to resuming sport and recreation activities. For more see:

Health & Safety

Will my child be required to wear a mask?

This is not a mandatory requirement of our provincial health authorities, therefore the use of a mask is at the player / parent’s discretion and comfort level.

What safety / health precautions can we expect at the field?

Our SUSC Return to Play Plan includes information on this. User precautions and adherence to the hand washing signs around the park are strongly encouraged for the safety of all those visiting the park for any reason.

What happens if someone becomes infected with COVID-19 and has attended a Surrey United activity / event?

Please read our Illness Policy for further details. Our check-in process for every session is intended to ensure participants, coaches and volunteers are provided with information as quickly as possible should someone attending our activities test positive for COVID-19.

What if I don’t want to have my child come and find me after practice? Can I get out of my vehicle and meet my child in a pre-planned location near the field?

Yes, however this will become a social distancing issue quickly which has the potential to impact whether or not the City continues to permit the fields and facilities to be used by the user groups (Clubs) and whether or not organized youth sport can even continue. We see our Return to Play as a partnership that requires all of us to play an important role and do our part. If you choose to pick up your child in a location that requires you leave your vehicle, please keep social distancing requirements at the forefront of your actions and follow the park maps directions for all foot traffic and vehicle entry/exits and stay at least 10ft from the turf fencing at all times.

What type of specialized safety training have the staff coaches been provided with?

WorkSafeBC has specific protocols for all workplaces regardless of what those look like. Our WorkSafeBC plan is posted at the field for reference at all times and our Return to Play Plan does include information specific to the safety protocols expected for all Club programs.

Will Coaches be required to wear masks?

No. As identified in our Return to Play Plan, masks are optional in keeping with the recommendations of the BC Health Authorities. We strongly recommend coaches of our youngest players carry a mask at all times for incidents that may arise which inhibit the ability of the team staff member to socially distance (e.g., shoe tying). We have PPE (gloves and masks) in the clubhouse should a need arise for its use but recommend team staff carry their own.

What should be done in an emergency situation?

If a player is injured, team staff should put a mask on before assisting the player off the field to await a parent or guardian. In an emergency, 911 should be called immediately. First Aid should only be administered by a qualified individual and only under the guidelines and recommendations of ViaSport.

What is a Compliance Assistant?

A Compliance Assistant is a new team staff volunteer that has a valid criminal record on file with the club and is permitted to be on the field with the team to provide support to the coaches in areas of equipment set up, social distancing on the sidelines and other Return to Play reminders to players so coaching staff and focus on the session and the experience of the players on the field. To sign up: CLICK HERE