Return to Play FAQs

Updated June 12, 2020


Does Surrey United have a formal Return to Play Plan?

Yes, Click here to see the plan.


Will there be a 2020/21 fall/winter season?

We are required to follow BC Soccer’s Return to Play phases, each phase will be in place for an unknown period of time following the advice and direction of our government health authorities through ViaSport. 


Will there be games?

This will be determined by the phase of BC Soccer’s Return to Play we are operating within at any given time.

There is the possibility that there will be a progressive return to game play as we move through the phases.


Will the fall/winter soccer program change immediately once restrictions are lifted?

Yes, our Club programs and curriculums will be flexible and will change immediately once restrictions are lifted. This could happen before the season begins or at any time during the season. For instance, we could begin the season with social distance training sessions and then would shift to allow small-sided games or intra-club/ intrasquad games as soon as BC Soccer allows us to move into the next phases of their Return to Play. 

There is no timeline for us moving through each of the phases but we are optimistic from recent progress with the BC Restart Plan and are hopeful we can get to more advanced phases and training of BC Soccer’s Return to Play plan early in the fall/winter season.  


How will training sessions/practices look?

We will continue to be guided by BC Soccer as we move through the phases of their Return to Play. Initially, training sessions will focus on individual technical skill & development. Session plans will include training in the following areas:

  • Ball mastery & control

  • Technical skills and drills (dribbling & passing)

  • Shooting on net

  • Fitness & conditioning (age-specific)

  • Speed & quickness training

  • Bodyweight resistance/core work 

  • Off-field tactical education 

As we move through the phases of return to play training and practices may begin to include small-sided gameplay.


Are there other benefits to this modified training program other than just individual technical skill development? 

In addition to technical physical (activity) development, there can be a major improvement in the mental, social, and emotional aspects of the participant (both the player and the person). Our SUSC Return to Play training will allow teammates to reconnect socially and return to a more normal schedule and routine. It can be argued that the majority of return to play training benefits for our young players are in the areas of mental, social, psychological, and emotional health.   


Will there be gym practices in the fall/winter season for minis (U5-U8)?

We will be led by the school district with respect to gym practices. If the gym facilities are able to be rented by user groups, we are prepared with user group agreements in place and gym sessions have been requested as in all prior years. We have been working on alternative solutions should gyms not be available by November 1, 2020. 


Can spectators attend sessions?

Parents and spectators are strongly recommended to remain in their vehicles and / or pick and drop off their children in keeping with social distancing and gathering requirements of the health authorities. If choosing to remain at the field, spectators are recommended to wear a mask in accordance with health authorities’ direction for activities in which social distancing is not possible and stand at least 10ft from the fence around any of the turf fields at all times. 


Will the season still end in early March?

It is anticipated the seasons will remain the same. The Leagues and Districts have been discussing return to play options continually and have provided confidence there will be a regular season of some kind. See BC Coastal Soccer League’s Announcement here


If we have registered for the fall/winter season and it is determined that there will be no games can we expect to receive a refund or reduction in fees?

Although there could be reduced number of sessions/games, there is an inevitable increase in the expenses to the Club to deliver all programming safely, requiring greater oversight and safety investments related to return to play. Please see our Refund Policy and COVID-19 Refund Policy Supplement for more information. 


Will my child be required to wear a mask?

This is not mandatory and left to the player/parent’s discretion and comfort level.


What are other Clubs doing?

All other members of BC Soccer must adhere to the same ViaSport and BC Soccer Return to Play requirements if they decide to return to sport and depending on their city/municipality permitting requirements and allowances. It is not mandatory for clubs to return to play in this phase.


Will I have to be on the field with my child?

The BC Soccer’s Return to Play plan includes guidelines for parent inclusion at the younger ages, depending on the phase of return to play we are operating under, parents may be required to be on the field with their child to ensure appropriate physical distancing is achieved.


What safety/health precautions can we expect at the field?

Our SUSC Return to Play Plan includes information on this. The City has confirmed it will not be sanitizing the fences, gates, soccer nets, or playgrounds. User precautions and adherence to the handwashing signs around the park are strongly encouraged for the safety of all those visiting the park for any reason.


Are either of the clubhouses open for team meetings and gatherings?

The clubhouses remain closed to all groups unless written permission from the Club President or Senior Vice President is obtained.


What happens if someone becomes infected with COVID-19 and has attended a Surrey United activity/event?

Please read our Illness Policy for further details. 

Our check-in process for every session is intended to ensure participants, coaches, and volunteers are provided with information as quickly as possible should someone attending our activities test positive for COVID-19. 


Has CSA reviewed Surrey United’s return to play plan?

Canada Soccer’s evaluation tool has rated the SUSC Return to Play plan as “low risk”. 


Will my child be a part of a team or just a training group if there are no games?

All players will be assigned to teams as per the District and BC Soccer registration policies. The SUSC team practice schedule will be structured the same as in years previous. There is a chance that multiple teams of the same age and gender may be in the same training slot and this would give the option of combining players for group / age-specific training opportunities.


What if I don’t want to have my child come and find me after practice? Can I get out of my vehicle and meet my child in a pre-planned location near the field?

Yes, however, this will become a social distancing issue quickly which has the potential to impact whether or not the City continues to permit the fields and facilities to be used by the user groups (Clubs) and whether or not organized youth sport can even continue. We see our Return to Play as a partnership that requires all of us to play an important role and do our part.


If you choose to pick up your child in a location that requires you leave your vehicle, please keep social distancing requirements at the forefront of your actions and follow the field map directions for all foot traffic and vehicle entry/exits and stay at least 10ft from the turf fencing at all times.


Will there be any refunds if we opt-in and then get sick?

Illness of any kind is covered by our Refund and Collections Policy.


What type of specialized safety training have the staff coaches been provided with?

WorkSafeBC has specific protocols for all workplaces regardless of what those look like. Our WorkSafeBC plan is posted at the field for reference at all times and our Return to Play Plan does include information specific to the safety protocols expected for all Club programs. 

When do you think interclub or regional gameplay could return? 

BC Soccer’s Return to Play phases are guided by Via Sport’s chart shown below:

How has SUSC prepared its Club budget and operating plan to cope with the challenges created by COVID-19?

The club’s Finance Committee has been meeting regularly in a focused attempt to react to and stay on top of financial impacts to the Cluband ensuring we maintain a financially and operationally stable position moving forward through the impacts of COVID-19.


How does the Club plan to keep members updated as we move forward? 

The Club will be communicating frequently in the following ways:

  • Virtual Town Hall will be held shortly; watch the website for further details

  • Communication will be provided through PowerUp and other means 

  • Age-specific updates will also be provided as we move forward


When can I expect my son or daughter to be back on the field? 

SUSC is planning to have all fall/winter programs follow the same historical start timelines. That would mean all teams will begin practice around Labour Day weekend. 


What ages will return to play before fall?

As of June 2020, we are preparing to offer team / Club programming for all U6 - U18 ages. 


The U6 - U8 programming may need to be altered to allow for required social distancing. However, this will be determined by the phase of play we are in and what restrictions are placed on soccer activity. 


Will the Club offer return to play options for my child this summer? All ages?

Yes, the summer camp/program schedule is being updated due to the challenges created by COVID-19. This will include changes to dates and times of programs. Based on the high interest expressed by the members we will be looking at offering more programs to meet the demand.  We hope to have a final plan posted by June 15th, 2020. All info can be found here.

Regarding ages - due to some of the current restrictions the camps will be primarily for 2007 - 2011 born players. There may be some modified programming offered for 2012/13 ages but that will be confirmed in the coming weeks. 


Will the Club offer goalkeeper academies?

Yes, there will be regular goalkeeper training programs offered in the fall/winter academy programs. All training methods will be guided by BC Soccer’s technical recommendations and will adhere to social distancing requirements. 


Will the Club continue its academy (SUDA) offerings? 

Yes, the Club will still plan to offer all of its academy programs. The SUDA program may need to change slightly to meet the necessary coach to player ratios. 

Our academy curriculum will change with the progression through the phases of the Province’s Restart plan. We are optimistic to be able to offer small-sided gameplay and scrimmages throughout the academy programs.


If my son/daughter does not return to play in the fall will they lose their spot on the team?

As stated in answer to question #18 - all registered players will be assigned to teams by the district’s registration deadline, which is before the Labour Day weekend. If a player chooses not to return in the fall then they will not be assigned to a team. Like in years past - if during the season any player expresses an interest in joining the Club we will look at options at that time and do whatever we can to get them added to a team roster. See also Refund and Collections Policy.


Can my son/daughter train if the Return to Play Participant Agreement has not been submitted? 

No, the agreement is a mandatory risk management requirement and is required for legal purposes. All volunteers and staff coaches have to complete and submit one as well. These protect us all. The waiver included in the Agreements has been written by legal counsel for BC Soccer and member clubs have all been asked to use the same waivers. 

What is the club’s guideline for the coach to player ratios within team practice? 

Below is the club’s coach to player ratios for the Return to Play Phase #1

As shown in the chart; the ratio will fluctuate based on the club’s discretion. Factors that will be considered (but not limited to)  are listed below:


  • Recognized Club technical staff member, BCSPL or SGU coach

  • Level of certification of coach

  • Level of experience of the coach

  • Comfort level of the coach

  • Age of players / participants

  • Breakdown of players in the group

  • Type and length of session being delivered


*Note - this coach to player ratio is designed to be a starting point for the RTP plan and process. More research and testing will be done and these ratios are subject to change and be altered according to the data. Also, these ratios will likely change as the province moves to different phases of their Restart Plan and will always include any necessary adjustments for compliance with the Club’s policies around child safety and welfare, generally.  


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