Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteer FAQS

Do I need to know how to Coach or play soccer in order to Volunteer on a team?

No experience is necessary to volunteer for a team, just a curiosity and desire to learn soccer and have fun with kids, making a lasting impact on their lives. The players may not remember the practice sessions or the games played, but they will always remember the way their Coaches/ Managers made them feel and the fun they had with their teammates.

How many volunteers does it take to serve one team?

Up to 5 volunteers per team, typically we see 2-3 per team. This covers all the aspects of the on-field coaching and managing of the team, including the requirement to have one staff member of the same gender as the players on the team, to comply with the Rule of Two requirements of Canada Soccer, BC Soccer and our own Child and Welfare Satey policy. The more volunteers on the team, the more the workload can be spread out. (Many hands make light work!) There does not need to be only one Coach. Many teams have Co-Coaches that share the responsibilities.

What certifications do volunteers need?

All team volunteers must have a Valid Criminal Record Check on file with the Club. Coaches and Managers are also required to complete Respect in Sport: Activity Leaders online training program that speaks to coaching children and youth, their safety and how to make the experience for you and the players, a positive and lasting memory well into the future. Many volunteers have completed this as part of their involvement in other youth sports and the certification number is transferrable and valid for 5 years from completion of the course. The course is three hours, completely online, and you can pause the program and come back to it as you need to, fitting it into your schedule as you are able to. Surrey United Soccer Club pays for both of these requirements to be completed, because keeping our members safe is our top priority!

What happens if there are no volunteers for my child's team?

Hopefully a few Adults will volunteer and share in the responsibility of supporting a team. SUSC is a volunteer-run club, and as such, depends on volunteers to keep players on the field and teams running. If there are no volunteers for a team, a team may be cancelled and those players will be unable to participate.

What is the time committment of a volunteer coach/manager?

In general, all volunteer team staff members can expect to spend time on:

  • picking up and returning team equipment (balls, uniforms, etc.) at Cloverdale Athletic Park at the start and end of each season
  • 1-2 practices a week (depending on age and level of play) and a game each weekend
  • circulating club information and team schedules (weekly basis) to their player families
  • attending coaches meetings at the start, midway, and the end of each season
  • attend optional coach training sessions the Club provides to its volunteer team staff members
  • attending and completing coach certification course(s) (Surrey United pays for these)
  • attending Club functions (photo day, awards night, jamboree weekends)
The level of involvement in Club activities is entirely up to the teams themselves, but we pride ourselves on being more than a soccer club and community building is a big part of belonging to the SUSC family. We hope our volunteers see the value in building and strengthening our SUSC community and participate in many of the activities the Club has to offer throughout each season.

What volunteer opportunities are there outside of team coach or manager roles?

Surrey United is entirely volunteer run. From the Board of Directors to our volunteer coaches and managers we have a variety of opportunities to be involved. Our "Volunteer Opportunities" page has the latest information on available positions and we have an Opertations Support Committee for those interested in helping "here and there" with Club events. Fill out our Club Volunteer Form HERE of you are interested in supporting the Club with your time and talents.