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the BUILDING BLOCkS of Surrey United

  • Celebrate your family’s time at Surrey United Soccer Club

  • Celebrate your childrens’ time at Surrey United Soccer Club.

  • Celebrate your Surrey United Soccer Club’s Team

  • Celebrate your Business’ involvement with Surrey United Soccer Club


We are pleased to release a new purchase opportunity for the “Building Blocks of Surrey United Soccer Club”.


Leave your mark on Surrey United Soccer Club and remember your contribution to our new clubhouse. 

AVAILABLE now for purchase, individual plaques containing:


  • Your family name (e.g., Smith Family), 

  • A player’s / child’s name (e.g., Raman Sidhu) 

  • Your team name (e.g., 2005B SUSC Rangers), 

  • A business name and logo

This fixture is located in a high traffic location and on a prominent

wall of the new clubhouse, visible to those entering our Club’s spacious

new facility on a regular basis.

  • Gold Building Block (approx. 4”H x 6”W) $500.00

  • Silver Building Block (approx.1.75”H x 6”W) $250.00

  • Bronze Building Block (approx.1.75”H x 2.75”W) $100.00


The sale of these plaques will be on a first-come-first-served basis between today and January 31st. 

Please fill out the google request form located here: Building Block Request Form. We will confirm your request and approve it for purchase within two weeks of your request. Payment instructions will be sent with your confirmation of Building Block purchase.

2020 Building Blocks_draft.jpg
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