Surrey United Member Volunteer Program  | 

Volunteer Fee Program


As discussed in all member Town Halls and coach/manager meetings throughout 2021, the Club is introducing a volunteer fee to our Fall season registration to meet three primary objectives:


  • Encourage and engage parents to support volunteer head coaches as team staff members for the season

  • Provide the club with volunteer support for its many initiatives, events, and day-to-day activities. As a volunteer organization, this is imperative to the overall success and strength of our club community

  • Provide a means to encourage socialization with other members in the club through volunteering, creating stronger club and community connections that benefit the players and all families of Surrey United Soccer Club


This SUSC Volunteer fee is similar to those implemented in other local youth sports organizations in the Metro Vancouver and Lower Mainland area and will be automatically added to your basket when you register for the fall/winter 2022/23 season. 


There are multiple events and opportunities to meet the 4-hour volunteer commitment during the course of the calendar year and there is always something for everyone.  As a non-profit organization, we are reliant on members volunteering to help out throughout the year, this not only helps to build a stronger SUSC community but also helps ensure that all our events run smoothly and teams are staffed accordingly to provide the best experiences possible for all players and their families.  


Volunteer Program Details


  • The fee is $100 per family

  • 4 hours of volunteer time is required to fulfill the requirements, regardless of how many players you may have registered at any one time

  • You may choose to pay the fee and opt out of completing any volunteer hours

  • Volunteer hours can be fulfilled between July 1st and June 30th of the calendar year. 

  • Volunteer hours are managed centrally by the Club's Volunteer Coordinator and there is a process in place for scheduling and recording these volunteer hours

  • View General Club Volunteer Activities HERE

How Does it Work? How Can I Sign Up For Volunteer Opportunities?

  • Complete and Submit the Volunteer Fee Program Request Form 

  • There are three categories: Volunteer Team Staff, Special Events, and Misc. Tasks. 

  • You can sign up for as many areas as you wish, it will assist us with our planning and organizing when the events and activities listed are being planned and volunteer assignments are made. 

  • Team Staff positions are filled first by those returning from last season (spring or fall) and preference is given to those with existing criminal record checks and Respect in Sport: Activity Leader certification. There will be a maximum of four (4) staff members for any one team. 

  • We cannot guarantee the exact area of your choosing - for example, Youth Nations Cup is a popular choice for volunteer hours but we may not be able to accommodate or have a need for all those that sign-up for this event. Please check off as many areas of interest as possible.

Completing your Volunteer Hours

  • We will contact you with the opportunities/events as they are being scheduled and/or come available.

  • You can confirm or turn down the opportunity.

  • We will try to schedule everyone’s volunteer hours with as much advance notice as possible, from time to time last minute requests may arise.

  • You will be required to check in and check out for all volunteer hours according to the instructions or organization of the event/activity. That information will be provided to you at the time of confirmation.

  • Failure to provide adequate notice of cancellation of a confirmed volunteer commitment made with the Club may result in the forfeit of your volunteer fee. Please help us with this as we are dependent on the scheduled volunteers completing their hours once scheduled and confirmed.


When is my Fee Returned?

Volunteer Fees will be reimbursed to your credit card (not your PowerUp account) on the soonest date following completion of your volunteer hour requirement (4hrs). 


IMPORTANT: For Volunteer Team Staff, we cannot release your Volunteer Fee unless and until both your criminal record check and your Respect in Sport: Activity Leaders certification are complete and on file with the club - please have these completed as early as possible! 


The Volunteer Fee release dates are:


  • November 1, 2022

  • March 1, 2023

  • June 30, 2023


All questions and concerns are to be directed to