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Location of Nets & Corner Flags


Don Christian Nets and Corner Flags

8v8 and 11v11 nets and corner flags are in the container at the field – container to be unlocked in the morning and locked up at the end of the day by SUSC Staff.



Nets and corner flags for the following fields must be picked up from Cloverdale Athletic Park prior to game times and will be placed outside of the storage unit at the new clubhouse (Barn) first thing each Saturday and Sunday morning. The boxes will be labeled and the first team on the grass field will just grab the gear and take it to the field; and the last team on the grass field will return the nets and flags to the same location. 


  • Adams Road

  • AJ McLellan  

  • Hazelgrove

  • Frost Road

  • Sullivan Heights

Muchtar Ganief is the SUSC Field and Facility Manager so all contact/questions must be sent to Muchtar by text or email (by text is preferred and most efficient) - 604.786.2919 /  


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