Coach/Manager Appreciation

Every year, we recognize coaches and managers who have been involved with Surrey United Soccer Club for more than 10 years.


 At our 5th Annual (VIRTUAL) Awards Night, the club recognized four members for their long-term service in coaching and managing teams.  This year we recognized Bob Sidhu, Jonathan Bryant, Kash Kang and Shawn Hollinger.

Coach Recognition - Bob Sidhu.jpeg
Coach Recognition - Jonathan Bryant.jpeg
Coach Recognition - Kash Kang.jpg


 At our Annual Awards Night on Sunday, February 23rd, we recognized several members for their long-term service.

We would like to thank Sandeep Bains, Mark Dornian, Ryan Harding, Steve Hobson, Cathy Jackson, Lav Mangat, Shan-Marie Pereira, Tara Phillips, Sean Phoenix, Peter Ramritu, Dave Stewart, John Thernes, Kori Vanderberg and Oliver Villagran


Top row (L to R): Dennis Williams (presenter / past President), Sandeep Bains, Dave Stewart, Steve Hobson, Ryan Harding

Bottom row (L to R):  Oliver Villagran, Mark Dornian, Peter Ramritu, Shan-Marie Pereira, Tara Phillips, Lav Mangat

Missing:  Kori Vanderberg, Sean Phoenix, Cathy Jackson, John Thernes.


 At our Annual Awards Night on Saturday, February 23rd, we recognized seven members for their long-term service.

We would like to thank Mark Blackett, Claudio Celio, Joe Da Costa, Chris Heaney, Chris Hunger, Kirstie Tippe, Stephen White.


(Left to Right) Chris Hunger, Claudio Celio, Mark Blackett, Chris Heaney (Presenters:  Spiro Pegios and Tom Duncan). Missing/Absent:  Joe Da Costa, Kirstie Tippe, Stephen White.


At our coaches/managers meeting on Thursday, February 22, 2018, we recognized three members for their long-term service.

We would like to thank Ken Robyn, Lorraine Scott and Sean Davies.

(Left to Right) Ken Robyn, Lorraine Scott, Sean Davies



At our AGM on Monday, March 27, 2017, we recognized eight members for their long-term service.

(Left to Right)  Blair Page, Mike Stickley, Fil Brazinha, Ross Hagen, Cory Muzyka, Frank McCann (missing:  Debbie Wyatt, Dave Wyatt)