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Unity FC and Surrey United SC Announce Groundbreaking Multi-Year Agreement, Bringing Pro-Am Soccer to Cloverdale Athletic Park
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Unity FC and Surrey United SC, with great cooperation and support from the City of Surrey, proudly announce a multi-year agreement, ushering in a new era of professional-amateur men’s and women’s soccer at Cloverdale Athletic Park. This landmark partnership not only brings the excitement of League1 BC to Cloverdale, but also aims to contribute significantly to the overall growth of soccer in the region.


As part of the agreement, Unity FC will relocate its game day and training operations to Cloverdale Athletic Park for the 2024 League1 BC regular season. This strategic alliance with Surrey United SC, a premier CSA National Youth Club License holder, reaffirms Unity FC's unwavering commitment to community and the fundamental goal of player and coach development.


The agreement will enhance Surrey United SC’s already well-developed Long-Term Player Development player pathway, providing additional player and coaching opportunities for individuals within Surrey United SC programs and Club operations. This reinforces Surrey United SC’s commitment to player development through its “Way of Play” for its approximately 4,400 mini, youth, and adult players.


With the upcoming League1 BC season scheduled to kick off in late April, collaborative efforts are underway to enhance the Unity match day experience envisioned at Cloverdale Athletic Park - on Turf Field #2 (Red Barn Fieldhouse). The Unity FC Fans First matchday experience aims to create an immersive and dynamic atmosphere for fans of all ages, players, brand sponsors, and the local community of Cloverdale. 


An exciting incentive as part of the Unity FC and Surrey United alliance is our soon-to-be launched youth fan initiative. Every active youth player registered to play for Surrey United in 2024 will receive a

complimentary season’s pass to all Unity FC home matches at Cloverdale Athletic Park.

Instructions for how SUSC members can register will be announced soon.


League1 BC, as part of League1 Canada, completes the missing link in Canada Soccer’s

pro player pathway – providing homegrown talent the opportunity to take the next step in

semi-professional soccer coming out of their provincial development or varsity soccer

season, without having to leave the province. League1 BC provides an additional pathway

for youth players that may not pursue a varsity path and are not quite ready for possible

advancement into the Canadian Premier League (CPL), Major League Soccer, Project8

(expected launch in 2025), or additional professional leagues in Canada and internationally.


Recognizing the financial challenges faced by some families within Surrey United SC’'s

membership, Unity FC is committed to making annual donations to Surrey United SC's

long established Hardship Fund. This initiative is designed to provide essential financial

assistance, ensuring that no child's dream of playing soccer is limited by financial



Unity FC fans can begin securing their season tickets today via for as low as $7.25 per match, until April 21.


*Fans are also encouraged to follow or subscribe to Unity FC’s social media channels for further information regarding Unity FC 2024 Home Opener & Full Schedule, Single Game Tickets, and Unity FC 2024 Kit Launch Event to be released in near future.

“Surrey United SC has committed itself to player, coach and referee development throughout its 55 year history and continues to seek unique and strategic means to improve access to soccer for all, regardless of financial hardship, level of play, or age. We have seen SUSC players advance through League 1BC, some playing on the Unity FC teams now. This alliance is an exciting one for SUSC members, our community and the City of Surrey and brings a new level of play to Cloverdale Athletic Park that our members will be able to experience front row and center. We are proud to lead the first semi-pro club into the City of Surrey.”

- Jeff Clarke, SUSC Sporting Director

                                                                                                     “Strengthening and enhancing Surrey United’s youth to adult player                                                                                                            pathway has been an intentional club commitment, evidenced within                                                                                                          our Strategic Plan. This strategic alliance with Unity FC allows us to                                                                                                            provide our members with additional pathway opportunities to                                                                                                                    continue their lifelong soccer journey as a player, a coach, or lifelong                                                                                                          fan of the beautiful game.” - Ali Wilkinson, SUSC President

“From the inception of the club, one of its main focuses has been building a community. As a Fans First football club, what better community partner and alliance to have than with Surrey United. A club that is both dedicated to player and coach development, and the overall development of the person. That really aligns with what Unity is trying to create and what we are all about. We cannot wait for this spring and summer to have Unity FC games at Cloverdale Athletic Park as this is a great day for soccer in Surrey.”  - Kelcey Brade, Unity FC Co-Owner & President

“This is an exciting time for Unity FC as we continue to build a club and

pathway for aspiring young talent, and the alliance with Surrey United.

I believe it can be a great addition to the next phase of growth. Surrey

United is an excellent member in the soccer community and has

produced and continues to produce players that are part of the Unity

FC roster, as well as come from a club with such a great community

spirit. There is no doubt these aspects, and others, make this alliance

between the two soccer entities a really good opportunity for the future." 

- Graham Roxburgh, Unity FC Co=Owner, Board Vice Chair, and Director

of Women's Football

“There are only a few youth clubs like Surrey United in Canada. They

have a history of developing quality players which I have seen first hand

while at Unity. There is synergy there between the two clubs as Unity

has always been about an opportunity to develop at the next level. The

alliance allows us to lean on some of the best soccer leaders while

giving our players clear opportunities both on and off the field. Having

someone like Jeff Clarke, who has played professionally and for Canada,

influence our club will only help our players even more. It is a great

alliance for Unity as we and other L1BC clubs try to complete the

pathways.”  - Mike Shearon, Unity FC Co-Owner and Director of Men's Football

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"I have played with Surrey United since I was four years old. So now that I play for Unity and we’re going to have this alliance with Surrey United, and now that I also coach for Surrey United, it does feels like a full circle moment. I think it’s a great opportunity for the youth at this club to see older players, to have the opportunity to strive for something greater, especially the young female players. I think it’s amazing for them to have a team to watch and help them in their game." -Elizabeth Hicks, Unity FC Women’s Team Captain & SUSC Alumni

"I think it is going to be really exciting to have Unity FC match days over here [Cloverdale Athletic Park], especially with all the fans coming out. I played at Surrey United my whole life. So growing up you went all the way to the end of HPL (since renamed BCSPL) you find a university or go somewhere else. Now with the partnership with Surrey United now as you’re reaching the end stage of HPL you can look forward to more opportunities within League1 and look to play at Unity. I think that’s really exciting and something young players can look forward to. -Adam Hajdecki, Unity FC (M) Defender & SUSC Alumni

“I think it's great for the player development and pathway for youth kids [at Surrey United]. Especially since they’re training here in this venue, but they’ll also be able to watch us play games here. Living in Surrey and playing my youth soccer here [Surrey United] it has always been so supportive and encouraging for players like me. So I think having this community behind my back again will be a really good fit.” - Christian Rossi, Unity FC (M) Forward & SUSC Alumni

“I’m really excited to play here for Unity. This was my youth club, and I spent my last two years here before graduating high school. I love the soccer community in Surrey, and I’m just excited to have the youth and younger girls be able to come watch us. I think it is just going to be a great atmosphere for players, fans, and parents as well.” - Bryana Buttar, Unity FC (W) Midfielder & SUSC Alumni

“The thought of having game days here [Cloverdale Athletic Park] for Unity and a league like League1 BC is amazing. There are so many potential eyes for people to see the game and see how much is really being invested in this level of soccer here in the province. The community is so big and the more eyes that can view this level of soccer is only going to draw more people out to the games.”  - Sebastian Colyn, Unity FC (M) Goalkeeper & SUSC Alumni

“It is awesome because it’s another pathway for players to go, especially when they’re done with Surrey United. It’s just a nice transition to go straight into an awesome place [Unity FC], to play. Also, as a little girl, it is super motivating and inspiring to have these players to look up to, go to games, and watch them play. As a little girl, I would’ve loved that, and so I think it’s a really cool opportunity.”  - Sophie Crowther, Unity FC (W) Midfielder & SUSC Alumni

photo credits: Unity FC

Contact Information:

Unity FC


Surrey United SC


About Unity FC:

Launched in 2022, Unity FC has rapidly ascended as a professional-amateur soccer club. In 2023, both the women's and men's teams qualified for League1 BC playoffs, achieving significant success. As it enters its third season in League1 BC, the club, driven by a passionate local ownership group, remains focused on setting a dynamic tone in the soccer community.


About Surrey United Soccer Club:

Established in 1968, Surrey United Soccer Club is a distinguished soccer organization in British Columbia. With approximately 4,400 mini, youth, and adult players, Surrey United holds a BCSPL franchise at the highest level of youth soccer and is a CSA Youth Club License holder, emphasizing its commitment to soccer development through its "Way of Play."

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