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This was Travis’ motto as he was growing into a teenager with his dad’s loving but firm expectation of “Do what you have to do, then do what you want to do”.


Travis Malcolm Selje born March 5th, 2000, a humble and compassionate son, brother, friend, and student-athlete. Travis played at Surrey United Soccer Club and eventually made his way into the BCSPL with Surrey United, going on to train within the WFC Pre-Residency program where he was made captain due to his strong work ethic and positive leadership both on and off the pitch. His jersey number of choice was #35, 3 for his birth month and 5 for his birthday. His dedication to soccer showed in his long travel days from Cloverdale to Burnaby Central Secondary School, leaving early in the morning not coming home until late at night all while upholding an outstanding academic standard. Despite changing schools, having a rigorous training schedule and long days, Travis remained dedicated to his friends with his never-wavering smile.

TS3 stands for Travis Selje and the #3, the jersey he wore proudly while playing for Surrey United Soccer Club.


On May 5th, 2017, after returning to play at Surrey United Soccer Club from the WCFC program, Travis Selje, passed away from injuries sustained in a car accident that occurred while waiting at a red light in Cloverdale on his way home from a Surrey United soccer practice. His vehicle was struck at 176 and 64th by a driver fleeing a hit and run. The entire community was shaken by this sudden loss of a remarkable player, leader and young man and it has had a deep impact on the sports community, high school community and the community of Cloverdale as a whole. His memorial is visited often and fresh flowers, birthday balloons, and other items are continually added to this site showing witness to the impact his passing has had. The original news story can be found here:

Surrey United shares the desire evidenced by the soccer and the local community to support the family in a memorable and meaningful way and we feel, as a community leader, privileged to be in a unique position to create an event in support of the Selje family and Travis’ memory.



Gone too soon.

Power by Surrey United Soccer Club
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