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Club History
Surrey United Soccer was first formed in 1968 and had only six teams. With such a small Surrey population back then Surrey United covered all areas of Surrey except Guildford and Whalley. The club participated in the Westminster District and teams had to travel extensively to play other teams. Over the years the club had many different styles of uniforms but has now adopted its colours of red and black. In the 1970s, Surrey United pioneered the first mini soccer program that is now one of the fastest-growing aspects of youth soccer. In 1994, the club forged an affiliation with an adult organization, and that subsequently blossomed into SUSC becoming the first fully integrated soccer club in British Columbia where a full range of soccer programs from minis to masters to players of both genders was offered. Originally headquartered at Unwin Park, the club moved to Cloverdale Athletic Park and due to substantial fundraising activities at the club level was able to build a clubhouse at that location which is the envy of most of the local soccer clubs and the home of many Canada Soccer National Coaching Courses and of the Youth Nations Cup Tournament in July every year. Presently, Surrey United has a continually expanding membership in excess of 4,400 youth and adult players from just over 400 players in 1994.

Surrey United "Way of Play"
SUSC encourages all its members to play possession-based soccer at all age groups. All teams and coaches are expected to follow the SUSC “way of play”. The playing philosophy is designed to be a progression of aligned steps that a player will follow as they move up age groups and up or down levels of play in their development path. It is designed to provide consistency and a continuum for a youth soccer player to learn the game and for a developing and evolving team to build on important aspects of general game understanding, teamwork, and general and individual fun in the sport.   

Surrey United Player Development Philosophy
SUSC’s development pathway aligns with the Canadian Soccer Association’s Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) model, while maintaining a development-first philosophy, allowing players to progress through the appropriate stages of the Surrey United Program Outline Model.
Player development is the journey of a player from mini soccer all the way to adult soccer. As Surrey United is a “cradle to grave” club, the focus is on creating a fun environment where players want to continue to come back. Grouping players based on age has been a common tendency in the past; however, trends and benchmarks will still be used to evaluate players individually, giving players opportunities to be challenged within different team and academy environments.

Mission Statement of SUSC
To promote and develop soccer in our community through the delivery of programs in a supportive and inclusive environment in which volunteers, players, coaches, managers, and officials feel welcome and safe and provided with the support necessary to participate in soccer for life at the highest level of competition available for their individual skill level.
Vision Statement of SUSC
To be more than a soccer club, by being a community leader, providing a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all members to achieve their full potential.
Values of SUSC

  • We value and promote fairness and integrity in the delivery of high-quality, organized soccer programming.

  • We value our inclusive, equitable, diverse, non-discriminatory environment that provides the foundation of our mission to be more than a soccer club.

  • We value good governance and compliance with the mandates of our governing bodies and the Societies Act of BC.

  • We value welcoming, respectful, and inclusive Safe Sports environments through our adoption of the Universal Code of Conduct (BC UCC) and the Responsible Coaching Movement.

SUSC Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Statement

Surrey United Soccer Club ("SUSC") is firmly committed to equity, diversity, inclusion within the organization and its membership. We believe soccer celebrates diversity and as such, fosters a culture of respect, kindness, and access for all that participate as coaches, parents, players, officials and other roles within the game regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or ability. Our commitment extends through the third party partners we choose who are expected to demonstrate this same commitment. 

Anti-Bullying Commitment

Surrey United Soccer Club (“SUSC”) is committed to creating a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment where all feel a sense of belonging and are treated with respect, equity and dignity. Bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination (BAHD) behaviours, including but not limited to verbal, physical, emotional, social, or various forms of cyberbullying by individuals within or working with SUSC are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. 


For clarity, SUSC defines bullying in the manner as Canada Soccer, namely, it is the severe or repeated use of oral, written, electronic or other technological expression, image, sound, data or intelligence of any nature (regardless of the method of transmission), or a physical act or gesture, or any combination thereof, specifically and repeatedly directed at another individual that to a reasonably objective person has the effect of: 


  1. causing physical or emotional harm to the other person

  2. causing damage to the other person’s property

  3. placing the other person in reasonable fear of harm to themselves

  4. placing the other person in reasonable fear of damage to their property 

  5. creating a hostile environment for the other person which negatively impacts person’s ability to participate in the activity


In line with this commitment to create safe spaces for participation in our programming, we: 


  1. Incorporate the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport in our mandatory club officials, coaches, and managers training requirements through Respect in Sport certification programs.

  2. Maintain a clear process of elevation of the reporting of bullying and harassment to risk management through our Club Communication Protocols.

  3. Report abuse as required by Safe Sport protocols.

  4. Provide the Canada Whistleblower hotline(s) and additional resources for reporting abuse.


Territorial Acknowledgement
Surrey United Soccer Club acknowledges the shared, unceded traditional territory of the Katzie, Semiahmoo, Kwantlen and other Coast Salish Peoples on which we work, play, and learn.


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