The first annual Youth Nations Cup Tournament will be held at Cloverdale Athletic Park in Surrey, BC, in July 2021 pending health orders and restrictions in place at the time.


This youth tournament will give males and females an opportunity to play on a team with others outside of their regular Club team and represent their personal heritage on the pitch at a younger age. This tournament is intended to support the Adult Nations Cup Tournament that takes place annually in Richmond, BC and as such, follows the same general principles and terms of reference. The collaboration of the Adult Nations Cup Tournament organizers and Surrey United Soccer Club is intended to ultimately lead to the Youth Nations Cup Tournament players’ participation in the Adult Nations Cup Tournament into their adult years. 


Youth Tournament Details


Tentative Date: July 9th - 11th, 2021

Location: Cloverdale Athletic Park, Surrey, BC

Age Groups:

U18B  (2003 born and younger) / U18G (2003 born and younger)

Player Registration and Evaluations

We will be inviting all interested players to register their interest in participating in this tournament and declaring the team they would like to represent. Team coaches will be reaching out to the interested players for tryouts and / or roster space offers. To participate, players must register in order to be considered for evaluations and final rosters. Evaluations will be scheduled by individual teams in late April / May 2021. Final roster selection is June 1, 2021. No player will be permitted to be on a final roster for any tournament team without fully completed registration. Surrey United Soccer Club is the tournament host only and holds no responsibility for the final roster decisions made by the participating teams.

Terms of Reference

Eligibility - All Players qualify through:

  • Country of birth

  • Parentage

  • Grand parentage

  • Citizenship


The tournament is a sanctioned tournament by BC Soccer and will adhere to all rules and regulations of the sanctioning 

Accepted groups will have an opportunity to field a maximum of 2 teams per gender. (i.e., Italy could field an Italy North and an Italy South).

The tournament will not allow a competing group within the same accepted country to field a 2nd team unless there is an extenuating circumstance(s) and/or it is agreed upon by the originally accepted group.  

Players can ONLY play for one team in the tournament.

Regions of the world can be considered as a group. (i.e., “Africa” or instead of "England" can be "United Kingdom"). 

Rosters with proof of eligibility will be required to be submitted in advance of the tournament. 

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make a final and binding ruling on player eligibility. 

A player’s commitment to a youth team does not have any bearing on which adult team they participate with in the future. Once entering the adult tournament they will be expected to satisfy that adult tournament’s eligibility rules and TOR which may differ from the terms written for this youth tournament. There is no guarantee playing in this tournament will lead to space on an adult tournament team in the future.

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