(SNAPP) Surrey uNited Action Photos Program

Information About the Program

The Surrey United Soccer Club is proud to introduce our new team photography program for our U17 and U18 teams


Surrey United SC is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Eduardo Villanueva Photography and our Action Photography Program.


Eduardo is a graduate from the Vancouver School of Media Arts and has been capturing sports events for the past 5 years.


SUSC and EVP have teamed up to offer the SNAPP (Surrey uNited Action Photos Program) available to U17and U18 teams that are interested in having professional action photographs of the players and teams at a cost of $150.00 per game (SUSC will contribute $75.00 for a total one time cost of $75.00 to each team).  If a team choses to have a 2nd game photographed, the $150.00 will be paid fully by the team.

The photographs will be posted on the SUSC website for you to “view, like and share” for personal use, at no charge.


To take advantage of SNAPP please click on the signup button located above.

SUSC vs. Coastal FC | June 18th 2017
SUSC vs. Fusion FC | June 10th 2017
U17 Fusion | Oct. 15th 2017
BCSPL 2001 Boys | Oct. 28th 2017
BCSPL 2000 Boys | Oct. 28th 2017
U17 Boys Hotspur | Nov. 18th 2017
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